The Sardinian cuisine is simple and good and varied. From north to south - every region has its own specialties. The most famous fish dishes are for example the fish soup "Cassola", spaghetti with clam and bottarga or with sea urchins, as well as the octopus salad. In the area of Oristano, eels are prepared in a very special way. As typical in Italy, there is also a distinctive food culture in Sardinia. No Sarde leaves the restaurant, without having enjoyed several courses.

Here are some of the famous primi piatti (first course), which you should definitely try:

  • I malloreddus: small gnocchi in tomato sauce with Salsiccia (Sardinian sausage)
  • I culurgiones: Dumplings stuffed with potatoes, fresh cheese or ricotta and fresh mint
  • La Fregula: small round noodles used as a base for soups and for seafood dishes
  • La zuppa gallurese is a breadbake typical of the Gallura region. This can also be found, in modified versions, in other regions of Sardinia.

It is a casserole of 1-2 days old slices of bread, which are dipped in broth. Refined with typical Sardinian cheese, parsley and other spices, this dish is baked in the oven for about an hour.

  • Pane frattau: Pane Carasau (very thin and crunchy bread) soaked in meat broth and layered with pecorino and tomato sauce. At the end eggs are added.

Perhaps the first dish you think of when talking about sardines is Porcetto arrosto.

It is suckling pig fried on a skewer with the aroma of mirto twigs. In the same way lambs are prepared.

Another dish that is fried on a skewer is the Rivea, which is not for everyone's taste. This is offal of the lamb or goat that are wrapped together with bacon in the peritoneum and roasted over an open fire.

Culinary specialities

Much better known, are the sweet specialties of Sardinia. Following are the most important ones:

  • Le Seadas: Dumplings stuffed with cheese, fried and refined with honey
  • Le formagelle: baked dumpling filled with cheese or ricotta and sugar, a classic dish at Easter
  • I papassini o papassinos: Pastries with walnuts, almonds and raisins.
  • LI frijoli Longhi: Thick dough made from flour, eggs, anise, lemon or orange peel, deep-fried in hot oil. Typical for the carnival season
  • L'aranzada is mainly made in the Nuoro area and consists of candied orange peel with almonds.
  • I Pistocus / Savoiardi: soft biscuit pastry.
  • Le acciuleddi: Dough, which is first woven in the form of a braid and then deep-fried in hot oil
  • Amaretti: Biscuits with sweet and bitter almonds
  • Torrone: sugar-sweet and very sticky almond paste. The best known is the Torrone of Tonara

In Sardinia, several typical breads are prepared, which were served especially for the shepherds of the time. To mention is especially the Pane Carasau, a very thin and crispy bread. This is also found in a variant with oil and salt, the Guttiau Pane.

The Pecorino sardo is, among many others, the king of Sardinia's cheeses. These are best enjoyed with Sardinian wines, e.g. the Vermentino di Gallura, the Moscato, not forgetting the famous Cannonau di Sardegna.

As you can see, from beautiful landscapes to a long cultural history, to exquisite culinary delights, Sardinia is worth a visit.

Sweet specialities